A day off

Friday was my day off so I had a bit of a lazy day. I did however decide to make some brooches, I just need to get the brooch backs to complete them.

20130112-070341 AM.jpg

20130112-070406 AM.jpg slightly cross eyed frog

20130112-070438 AM.jpg I love watching the Little Princess so this is inspired by that

20130112-070514 AM.jpg lastly I found some ribbon and made this. It’s made me want to buy lots more ribbon!


Easter cone

20130109-080449 PM.jpg

Very quick little one. This is a cone for hanging on a door handle or generally for carrying some of those little Easter eggs in.

Very simple felt cone with a pink daisy. My stitches, I realised after, were horribly untidy behind the handle so I cut out a little ladybird from some of the patterned felt I bought and attached him on top of the messy bit.

20130109-080803 PM.jpg


Yet another little cross stitch – this time it’s batman who gets done.

P is a big batman fan so I wanted to make a little something. Currently unsure whether I’ll frame it or not.

20130109-063053 PM.jpg

I suspect the next thing I’ll be making will be with felt but unsure quite what yet. But I got a massive pack of mixed sheets for my Christmas so I’ll get my thinking cap on.


I was always obsessed with button tins, there was something that I liked about finding a special sparkly button or a really unusual one. Or toggles, I love the feel of wooden toggles for duffles.

And now I have a collection of my own 🙂 I was spoilt at Christmas and got even more mixed buttons to add to my box. It’s brimming and I can’t wait to start using them.

20130104-033252 PM.jpg


So after I did my owl what was next? I had New Year’s Day looming ahead of me and after a bit of a walk I was keen to get stitching.

I wanted to try my hand at some words but didn’t want to do anything too long (or difficult!) and so came across the idea of making something for my sisters new home. The words were at least taken care of so I didn’t need to use any real creativity there. It took a little while to find a font I liked, some felt a little too grown up and stuffy but eventually I found a website with some free patterns.

I knew I wanted the wording off set so I could do some kind of picture on it too but then I had to find a suitable image to use. I hummed and hawed for a while before settling on and then finding a picture.

20130102-091022 PM.jpg

The outline really makes a difference though

20130102-091105 PM.jpg

The final article framed up

20130102-091132 PM.jpg


So here he is, my very first picture cross stitch.

20130101-104950 AM.jpg

I’d done a little card for my brother in laws birthday and enjoyed it so I decided to try a picture. A quick google and found this patten which I loved. Although I decided to make mine pink instead.

I made a few mistakes, I mis-counted the lines and didn’t realise until it was too late. But luckily I was able to work around it. There are also a couple of untidy bits which will bother me but over all I’m happy.

Coming to the end I only had the leaves to add but having looked again and again I decided to leave as is.

What’s next?

Hello :)

I’ve always wanted to be someone who was able to do craft. I admire those people who make clothes, knit, crochet, sew and generally create wonderful things.

I recently bought a little felt sewing kit and really enjoyed making the items. It lead to me making little green felt trees for people for Christmas rather than writing cards.

I’ve also started doing a little cross stitch and so far finding it very therapeutic. I lose myself in the pattern and it’s nice to switch my brain off for a little while.